A Winning Combo: Sydney Reinhardt’s Rowing and Pilates Mash-Up at California’s Hardt Fit

Newport, CA, native Sydney Reinhardt loves rowing and Pilates. But, when teaching Lagree and watching her clients add other options in to amp up cardio and HIIT work, the former gymnastics and sports lover wondered, could the two be combined? Turns out the answer is: absolutely.

Now, at her studio Hardt Fit, clients enjoy the challenge of the company’s patented machine, the Rowformer, which allows clients to work slow-twitch muscles through Pilates-inspired exercises, right alongside cardio bursts through rowing. It’s the best of both worlds!

Below, read on to hear how the mom of four, studio owner and nutrition coach (who taught Lagree for six years before deciding to build her own unique, dynamic, inspiring brand and workout) digs into her own business, as well as her own journey with food, wellness and nutrition.


SBS: What was your path to creating the Rowformer and Hardt Fit?

Sydney Reinhardt: I started teaching Lagree all over Orange County, CA, for seven years after being encouraged by friends to take my passion for fitness farther by teaching fitness to others.

It was limited, though, and that’s why my husband and I thought we could do more. We now offer both slow and fast-twitch work, as well as a cardio component through HIIT…all on one machine. With people being short on time, we offer the convenience on one workout, on one machine.

We took a leap by creating and patenting our own machine.  We built a method that we believe offers everything your body needs for an amazing workout. HF and the Rowformer not only makes you strong physically, but mentally as well.  


SBS: Why is this blend effective?

SR: We realized our clients were doing multiple workouts since Pilates/Lagree wasn't enough. We wanted to keep our clients in one space, and give the best total body workout. Our method combines fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers. HIIT training offers the benefit of less time with more results. It is anti-aging, boosts weight and fat loss, promotes HGH production, improves strength and stamina, and increases energy, just to name a few.


SBS: What's the style of the studio and teachers?

SR: We are high tech and high touch. Our Form class is Pilates-inspired with strength and resistance training, and the Rowformer class is a fusion of Pilates-inspired, strength and resistance training with blocks of HIIT training (rowing), all on one machine.


SBS: How is HF growing?

SR: We are doing a license model to sell the HF method and machines. We are so excited that Hardt Fit is now Worldwide!  We have a group taking our model to Australia and New Zealand.


SBS: What do you look for in teachers?

SR: A love for teaching is important, and I also look for the ability to motivate, a great communicator, one who enjoys fitness, an ability to get the best out of their clients and people who want to be apart of HF!


SBS: What advice would you give to new fitness studio owners?

SR: Be involved: It matters! Get to know your clients, listen to them and make them feel important. Customer service is everything! How much work it takes to run your own business is an understatement. I have mad respect for small business owners. As hard as it is, it is so rewarding to watch your clients grow stronger and gain confidence inside and outside the studio.  


SBS: What tips do you give to new clients?

SR: Consistency is key. Enjoy the process of getting fit. 


SBS: What's your own wellness routine, and how has it evolved?

SR: I’m very conscious about what I put on my body and in my body to make me feel my best. I don't consider anything I do a diet or a hassle, but rather a lifestyle that helps me be my best everyday. I had many health issues that led me to readjust how I thought, ate and lived. I went from unhealthy to healthy and never looked back. I ditched anything and everything that was toxic and anything that would cause harm to my health. 

I feel so amazing and have more energy now than I ever have in my life.  I wish I felt this amazing in my youth. This transformation made me want to help others feel as amazing as I do, and so I became a health coach to encourage others. I’ve learned that your gut affects your brain, that you need to treat the root cause and not just address the issue, and that everything affects everything.  


SBS: What inspired you to take that larger leap to become a health coach?

SR: I have always been into fitness, and then health and wellness became a passion when no doctors could help me or my sons with issues that were unknown. I was determined that nobody should have to live so sick, out of balance or feeling lifeless and sick for the rest of their life. I refused to be told, ‘you just have to live with this.’ 

I had had debilitating migraines my entire life, arthritis at the age of 11 (which is what caused me to quit gymnastics as a kid,) and issues all the doctors would say were fine. It turned out I had hypothyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, low levels of hormones…and the list goes on.

I discovered through countless books that food is everything. I started there and changed everything we had in our house, from what we put in the house to on our bodies and then in our bodies. I met a doctor that later became my friend.  She took me from unhealthy to healthy through food elimination, detox and then to building up my health to a place of thriving.  I honestly had forgotten how good it felt to feel good. It was such an amazing feeling that I got certified as a health coach through Nature’s Sunshine to then help others. 


SBS: What’s your mindset regarding food?

SR: I believe in food as medicine. I believe food helps you or hurts you. Live food makes a live body, and dead food makes a dead body. I am not on any drugs and eat to live. I supplement with herbs to support my adrenals and thyroid, and I try to keep the stress in my life as minimal as possible. 

So I don't like to look as food as a diet.  It’s such a bad look rather a lifestyle.  I believe in eating locally-grown and organic fruits and veggies, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, wild caught chicken and good quality fats. I don't eat soy, corn, gluten, sugar or processed dairy or foods. This isn't limiting but rather limitless because of how great I feel now. I am always continuing my education, as I love to learn.  


Sydney’s CA Faves:

Healthy Restaurant: True Foods and Hu Kitchen
Splurge Restaurant: Nobu
Nightlife Spot: Time with family
Fun Activity: Hiking
Calming Activity: Running
Online Resources: Dr. Axe, The Whole Journey, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Mercola and Dr.Will Cole
Books: All books by Karen Kingsbury, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and Bruchko by Bruce Olson

The best, zaniest part of being Sydney: I’m sarcastic, and I love watching basketball!

Sydney’s SBS Mantra: Be Strong because our tag line is: Get Strong. Be Strong. Live Strong.

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