Sticky Be Socks


Stick to being you - #whatwillyoube

As busy and active fitness professionals, we love to mix-up our workouts from day to day to keep motivated. It may be Barre or Pilates one day, Yoga or Megaformer the next, and Dance the day after. We found ourselves wearing sticky socks for all of these classes and realized only black was available. We decided to add some color and inspiration to these functional socks and Sticky Be Socks was born!

We soon discovered that our product also had many uses outside of the studio and gym. We heard that our customers were wearing Sticky Be in hospitals, maternity stays, on airplanes, and well, just for everyday life.

Most importantly, we also found out that Sticky Be products were serving a greater purpose-they were being gifted to provide inspiration and support to those fighting health battles and needing motivation. We especially loved hearing this after losing dear loved ones to Cancer. We donate our socks to moms who have babies in the NICU, Cancer Survivor Classes, Baby2Baby Los Angeles and other causes where our inspirational sayings will hopefully bring support to those in need. If you have a cause you'd like Sticky Be to consider donating socks to please contact us.

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