Bringing Boutique Heat with Karly Urata’s Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga Studios

Karly Urata is a true representative of an entrepreneur in the digital age. Though she lives in NYC, she runs her twin fitness studios—in California and Las Vegas—through apps and computer. Never missing a beat, she keeps up with her sales and team remotely so she can focus on family and wellness.

Originally from outside of Sacramento, CA, Urata always loved fitness, eating well and staying healthy, especially as part of the ski team in high school. But in college, she opted to follow her other passion for politics and study political science.

Then she started a construction supply company, but after moving to Las Vegas in 2006, she noticed a lack of clean, beautiful, boutique studio options. She realized she wanted a place where she could work hard, but also enjoy a lovely atmosphere—and she knew others would want the same.

So, trusting in her own determination and drive, she decided to mesh her affinity for fitness and business, and in 2010, she opened her first yoga and Pilates studio. Since then, she has opened a second in California, and now both run seamlessly even as Urata lives on the opposite coast. Below, she catches up with SBS to share her how she handles her full, bi-coastal life and work.


SBS: How has Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga evolved?

Karly Urata: We originally started out with just yoga and Pilates, but since then, we’ve moved into bootcamp, body sculpt and cycling classes. I like how my studios have that three-in-one aspect: bootcamp, yoga and cycle all in one studio and at one membership price.


SBS: What do you look for in teachers?

KU: We’re looking for teachers that are willing to challenge the students so their bodies can actually change.


SBS: What's a normal day like for you?

KU: First thing is my exercise in the morning after the kids get to school. I work out three to five times a week doing bootcamp, yoga and running.  Then I come home and check on my studios with the managers. That usually dictates how much work I have for the day. 


SBS: What’s it like running a business from afar? What tools do you use to help?

KU: I live in Mind Body Business, and I constantly watch the class sizes and sales throughout the day on my Mind Body Business App.

I also have video cameras installed all over my locations, so it’s been smooth. When you have solid managers, it really gives me freedom. Of course I double-check everything on the cameras to make sure people are where they are supposed to be.


SBS: What's your nutritional approach for yourself and children?

KU: I try to eat very clean, but I also have cheat days. I love pizza and French fries, but most meals are chicken and broccoli. I juice daily, including carrots, kale, beets and celery. 

I count my daughters' sugar intake, and I try to keep it at 30 grams per day, but it can be challenging. We don’t allow them to drink any juice; just milk and water. We discuss what’s healthy for our heart and body and what foods are not healthy on a daily basis. My youngest daughter will also drink fresh juice with me, and she’s allowed to have that (but not other juice). However, when we're traveling and with family, I try not be a food-crazy mom.


SBS: How do you handle it all together, between work, family and self?

KU: I meditate nightly with my girls, and yoga and working out help me stay energized.  


Karly's Sticky Be Socks Mantra: Be Grateful. I’m constantly asking my kids what they’re grateful for throughout the day, as well as when we go to sleep. Then it reminds me to also share what I’m grateful for.

The best, zaniest part of being Karly: I'm very adventurous and love to travel! 

 Karly's NYC Faves:

Healthy Restaurant: Whole Foods
Splurge Restaurant: Mr. Chow
Nightlife Spot: Catch NYC
Kid's Activity: Riding Scooters
Calming Activity: Yoga and meditation
Other Fitness Studio: Barry’s Bootcamp
Yoga Study: Lyons Den
Books: Books by don Miguel Ruiz
Online Resources: I use The Secret and read the positive daily Secrets on a daily basis.  

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