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  • October 25, 2017 4 min read

    Even More Balance With Jordan Younger

    Digging into the integrity of the word "authenticity" got top billing when last we chatted with yoga and lifestyle guru, Jordan Younger. Don’t worry, it's still super important to her! But now, along with authentic living, #TheBalancedBlonde is focusing on, well, balance... How apt!

    Already an author, online and off, a health coach, and yogi, the LA-based wellness maven is placing that ever-challenging concept at the top of her priority list. And she’s eager to help others achieve it—and enjoy it in the truest sense. Read on to hear what she’s been up to recently and all things beautiful balance.


    SBS: How have you and your worked changed recently since we last chatted?

    Jordan Younger: My work over the last year or so has become much more rooted in spirituality. In January, I discovered kundalini yoga. I dove deep into the practice once I realized that meditation started to become a form of total channeling and visioning for me, or, in other words, a way to tap into my highest self.

    Now, deep meditation is where I receive answers for all of the questions I have about my brand, my personal life and basically everything I wonder about on a daily basis. I have also gotten into reiki, shamanism, astrology, Ayurveda, crystal healing and transcendental meditation to name a few. When I get into things, I get into them! I have infused that spiritual work into my podcast Soul on Fire and the new book I’m working on too. It has been a ton of fun, and I’m blogging as usual, of course.


    SBS: What are some of your favorite moments as your career has evolved recently?

    JY: Interviewing longtime idols of mine for my podcast—from Gabby Bernstein, to Kathryn Budig, to Shaman Durek and Colleen McCann (Style Rituals)—has been a ton of fun. On a personal level, diving deep into my spirituality and learning more about the moon phases, lunar cycles and astrological amazingness, and infusing it into my new Spirit Juice newsletter has been so much fun. And even more personal: Falling madly in love with my best friend this year and adventuring around the world with him has been one of my favorite things in existence! Talk about balance!


    SBS: The word 'balance' is thrown around so much lately. What does the word mean to you?

    JY: I totally agree! To me, balance means living in alignment with your truest and highest purpose. For some people, that means equal downtime and self-care time as time working hard and bringing your dreams to life. I fall under that category! I need and crave both elements of being in my life: the super exciting, fast-paced and the very, very slow. For some, they feel more in alignment when they are hustling and spending most of their time diving into their passions. For others, it's all about the downtime, rest and self-care! I believe we all flow in and out of both sides of the spectrum, and allowing ourselves to evolve and move with what we need in any given moment is where the real balance exists. 


    SBS: Why is balance so important in today's hectic world? 

    JY: Without it, it’s so easy to get burnt out and get out of alignment with our purpose. I believe that being in alignment is necessary in order to be happy and also to build a brand and be happy with the work we’re bringing into the world.


    SBS: What are the top three steps to creating balance overall? What about creating balance in different areas like fitness, nutrition or relationships?

    JY: First: Know yourself. Dive deep, journal, meditate, do some sweaty vinyasa or whatever you need to do to feel closer to who you are.

    Second: Surround yourself with people who love, support and understand you. They will bring you closer to your purpose and your balance and remind you to live.

    Next: Know when to walk away and take a break.

    Also: (I can't stick to three!) Fuel yourself with good, nourishing, plentiful food from the earth.

    Finally: Move every day!


    SBS: When have you lost balance in your own life? How have you regained it?

    JY: I’ve lost balance in my own life when I’ve gotten stuck in the cycle of perfectionism, trying to be better than I was before, or when I’ve gotten to the next level of my career, really getting caught up in the ego. I have learned how to regain it by reeling in the reigns, stepping onto the yoga mat, journaling it out and spending time with the people who lift me up. Those key elements always bring me closer to who I really am and what I really want and need.


    SBS: When is imbalance actually helpful?

    JY:  It shows you how important balance is!


    SBS: What are your favorite yoga poses that create balance?

    JY: Triangle pose is my favorite heart opener, and it’s great for strengthening the legs and core too. I also love saddle pose as a deep quad opener. I use child's pose and savasana when I just need to put my mind at ease and reconnect.


    SBS: Which forms of exercise promote balance in your opinion?

    JY: A healthy mix of cardio with stretching and that can be anything from running to yoga to Pilates. It’s whatever makes you feel good and enjoy enough to be consistent with. Just don't get too caught up in ‘how much’ or ‘how hard’ to go. You will strike the perfect balance when you listen to your body.

    Photography of Jordan: @moliverallen

    Jordan is wearing our Be Balanced grip sock!

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