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  • October 08, 2019 4 min read

    Frank Vomero Finds His Soul Home at SoulCycle

    Last we checked in with intuitive, insightful fitness dynamo Frank Vomero, he was bouncing around South Florida teaching everything from cycling to barre—much to the pleasure of his following. But, when he was invited to take class at SoulCycle, he instantly recognized and adored the company’s emotionally charged approach, plus the killer workout. Now, after not only surviving but also thriving in the company’s rigorous training program in NYC, he’s bringing his even more energized sense of connection and commitment to riders in Miami. Read on to hear more about what he’s learned along the journey and what he’ll offer you on your next Soul ride!


    SBS: Where are you currently living, and what are you teaching?

    Frank Vomero: Right now I am still living in Boynton Beach, FL, and commuting to Miami to teach while I look for a place to move in to. And as of now, I am riding solo teaching only at Soulcycle. I would love to teach barre again, and I am also hoping to get into yoga teacher training within the next year. 


    SBS: What prompted your initial connection with SoulCycle? What resonates with you about SC?

    FV: Riders from the Palm Beach pop-up became fast regulars of mine where I was teaching previously. I was invited to attend a SC class and felt at home with the style and approach of the environment and the vibe the instructor put off. I felt like I had been separated at birth to be honest. My style of coaching was such a culmination of styles and techniques that it was so great to find a place that made sense of it while allowing the instructor to be a real artist with both movement and music.


    SBS: How did you get chosen to do the training in NYC? What was the audition like?

    FV: The selection and audition process is quite tedious. You have to first submit an application (portfolio of resumes, headshot, cover letter, etc.) to be considered to be seen for an audition. Once you're invited to the auditions, you make your way to one of the seven cities they are hosting them at. The closest location was Atlanta, GA, so off I drove. I had only taken two SoulCycle classes prior to being invited to the audition. So I drove up two days early to ride and get the vibe of Soul. That's when I truly got hooked! Then came the audition. They ‘chorus lined’ us all on the bikes and had us improv for about 15 minutes as the audition leader played different paces and called out different drills. From there we were dismissed and we either got called to stay or....


    So my number was called (four) and we all went in and taught just sixty second of two different songs as the other people auditioning rode. They filmed each audition. From there we were told we'd either get a thank you email, or one saying we've moved forward to the screening interview. So we set up a Zoom interview for the next day where we really just got to talk and get to know one another. I then waited! Finally, I received a phone call with the offer to attend New Instructor Training in NYC about two weeks later.


    SBS: What was the training in NYC like? What were obstacles and happy surprises?

    FV: Training was super intense. The average schedule was Monday to Friday from 12pm to 4pm. Days were filled with riding drills, team teaches, community rides and lectures, in addition to riding throughout the week. My main obstacle was having to step away from so many ideas and habits I had created over the past five years teaching indoor-cycling. SoulCycle doesn't want just any instructor. They want a human on a bike doing real shit talking like a person who can relate and have compassion for other humans also going through real shit. I am so grateful to be able to share that side with the riders!


    SBS: What were your mental, physical and emotional tools to handle the training?

    FV: Yoga, yoga, yoga! Yoga cleanses, recharges, heals, connects, grounds and makes me be on my game to give to the world. Breathing and energy bodywork keep me healthy and stable. I drink a ton of water and coffee always! Also the foam roller is a must for any human walking the planet! Invest!


    SBS: What did you learn about yourself?

    FV: I learned my super power is adaptability. I have so much trust in the universe and in knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Health, wealth, happiness and joy are all attainable all the time. Just love what you do and make the most out of every moment. Don't wait for some other moment or part of your day to be better or worse. Enjoying the balance has helped me to appreciate the whole. I learned to trust the Process. 


    SBS: How has your teaching style evolved in general?

    FV: I am a much more compassionate teacher and coach…still challenging and hard AF, but with more compassion and encouragement. I have spent so much of my life learning through doing (and not being very good at many things the first time I tried it). I am grateful and excited to anyone who clips into the bike and takes a trip of trust for 45 minutes. You showed up. Now let's create!


    SBS: What is your personal approach to SC?

    FV: I'm here to deliver what riders and the community wants: a strong physical and emotional workout that incorporates spiritual and energetic growth and stimulation. I hold by it. I will coach people toward what they want as opposed to what they're running from, working with the idea of changing thought patterns from negative (running from something unwanted) to positive (running toward something wanted i.e. dreams, feelings, ideas, emotions).


    Frank’s NYC Faves:

    Healthy Restaurant: Sweetgreen
    Splurge Restaurant: Minetta Tavern
    Yoga Studio: Modo Yoga
    Fitness Studio: Barry's Bootcamp
    Calming Activity: Meditation 
    Fun Activity: Hiking and being outdoors
    Neighborhood: West Village

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