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  • Sticky Be Socks, best sticky bottom socks for yoga, barre, fitness.

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  • Sticky Be Socks, best sticky bottom socks for yoga, barre, fitness.
  • May 05, 2022 4 min read

    Happy Mother’s Day! Meet Super-Mama and Super-SBS-Staffer Joanie Bellamy

    From handling the website and newsletter, to managing drop shipping, helping with design, problem solving and offering customer service, Joanie Bellamy is one of Sticky Be Socks’ most essential–and beloved!–team members. And as if that weren’t a full plate already, Joanie’s also a super-mom with six kids, ranging from age eight to 31! 

    Originally from Michigan, after living in the Chicago area for a few years, Bellamy landed in Bellevue, WA. A dancer growing up, she then worked as an HR manager in the insurance industry before she decided to take time to stay at home with her children. 15 years later, she transitioned to working for SBS six years ago, and the entire SBS team couldn’t be more grateful to have this dedicated, kind supermama on board. 

    So for Mother’s Day this year, we’re celebrating Joanie and all moms of every kind everywhere. Read on to learn more.  




    SBS: SBS loves you! What’s your favorite part of working at SBS?

    Joanie Bellamy: I'm proud to work for a woman-owned company. Working for another mom and owner of a company is inspiring. I have flexibility, which is great. But most important of all, I have a voice that is heard and respected. It feels so good to contribute in multiple ways and be able to do a variety of things, kind of like being a mom. 

    Hearing from customers about their love of the socks is my favorite, and it’s amazing how the ‘Be’ sayings can truly inspire. Also, I’m a huge fan! My husband and kids all wear Sticky Be Socks too. And my youngest thinks she works for SBS: She always has suggestions for new socks or mantras.

    SBS: What does the word mother mean to you?  

    JB: A mother is so many things, an ever-changing role. I would say a mother is always managing ‘beautiful chaos.’ To me, being a mom has been my greatest joy!

    SBS: What's been your favorite aspect of being a mother? How has it changed as your children have grown? 

    JB: I love the little unexpected moments, the moments that fill your heart. When my kids were babies, every sweet sound or smile was wonderful. And, that baby smell!  

    The toddler stage brought so many firsts, both exciting and challenging. It is really special to watch your child become a little person. When school started, that brought on a whole new type of pride and different challenges. This year I took my 27th consecutive first-day-of-school picture.

    Teenagers have maybe taught me the most, including not taking things personally, or at least trying not to. Having adult children, I am reminded that being a mom is constant, and that the worrying does not end. The range of ages of my kids has actually been awesome, helping me keep things in perspective. I am beyond grateful for the gift of my children!

    SBS: What mother traditions have you carried with you? 

    JB: The biggest gift I was given was unconditional love. This has shaped who I am as a person and a mother. I really try to look at things from different perspectives: When life does not go the way you think it will, you can complain or you can adapt. I am fortunate to know so many lovely mothers who have influenced me. There are a handful of special women I deeply respect and continue to learn from.  

    SBS: What's something you've discovered about yourself through being a mother?  

    JB: I am still learning! My kids are all so different and incredible in their own ways. That said, the approach to parenting each of them is also different. I continue to navigate motherhood and try to find the right balance. I have certainly discovered that I can't control most things. All I can do is help prepare them for the many obstacles life gives, and teach them to appreciate each moment.

    SBS: How do you mother yourself?

    JB: I try to remind myself to keep doing my best and to learn from each experience.  

    SBS: How do you self-care during those tough mommy moments? 

    JB: Barre and/or pilates classes really help clear my mind. I’m at my best when I can consistently work out. Date nights with my husband are also a priority. Happy, healthy people make the best parents.  

    SBS: What’s your favorite type of work you do with SBS? 

    JB: Honestly, all of it! If I had to pick, it would be talking with and helping customers.


    SBS: What have you learned working at SBS you hope to pass on to your kids?   

    JB: No matter what you are doing, be proud and do it to the best of your ability. Support those around you and be mindful.

    Joanie’s SBS Mantras: Be Calm gets me through cross country road trips back to Michigan each summer. Be Fearless helps me make it through a Megaformer class. Be Mindful and Be Kind are daily messages I give my kids. And Be Happy: A smile and a joyful attitude can make all the difference.

    The best, zaniest part of being Joanie: I love music of any kind: Zydeco, Motown, Grateful Dead. And I’m also quite knowledgeable about Taylor Swift, thanks to my daughters. 


    Joanie’s Bellevue Faves:

    Healthy Restaurant: Matcha Magic Cafe
    Splurge Restaurant: Ascend Prime Steak and Sushi
    Fun Activity: Hiking and hearing live music
    Calming Activity: Sitting alone my car
    Fitness Studio: Cut + Flow and Pure Barre
    Athleticwear: Spiritual Gangster and Athleta
    Athletic Shoes: On Running
    Books: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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