Nicole James Makes Moves Bringing Yoga to the Office in NYC

As more and more companies consider the value in the overall wellness of their staff as mutually beneficial (finally!), employees are reaping the benefits of classes, workshops and more, all in-house. This is especially true for students of Nicole James, the lead yoga teacher and a manager for The C3 Method, which offers a slew of corporate wellness possibilities.

A native New Yorker, the elegant and equally energetic James always had plenty of unsupervised and unplanned outside activities, and that zest for presence and play still bristles throughout her life, whether in the studio, office settings, or out and about connecting with the larger Big Apple wellness scene.

She originally had a successful career in sales, marketing and real estate, which gave her the flexibility to pursue both yoga and herbalism, adding on to her interest in nutrition.

But, once she was done with her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica through Sonic, James knew it was time to fully commit to working as a wellness coach and yoga instructor. After starting with friends, family and studio settings, more than two years ago, she moved into the corporate arena, and finally to the C3 Method, where she leads yoga and meditation classes. Want to learn more from this Gotham great? Read on!



SBS: What’s your approach to yoga and teaching it?

Nicole James: I take a very holistic approach to everything, including yoga. My practice is strong and playful. It includes breathwork, a little chanting and the asanas. My teaching style is rigorous, thought provoking and engaging. I like to slip some humor into the flow because... we're human.


SBS: What are your tips for students taking yoga for the first time?

NJ: Start with the fundamentals to avoid injuries as your build your practice. Also try different studios, as it might take some time before finding your home.


SBS: What’s your own wellness routine?

NJ: My wellness routine includes yoga, both at home and at studios. My approach to diet is similar to Eastern practices, eating a diet that's colorful but mostly green, and with limited meat consumption. Lastly, herbal supplements help me stay in balance. I love reishi and astragalus for immune support.


SBS: What is a wellness trend you hate?

NJ: I hate all the misinformation about the ketogenic diet. I think being uninformed about that diet can be dangerous.

The best, zaniest part of being Nicole: I'm obsessed with this unicorn headband that I wear all the time. I'm very in touch with my eight-year-old self.

Nicole's SBS Mantra: Be brave.

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