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  • November 09, 2016 5 min read


    Amy Rosoff Davis is a juggler. From working out with the likes of Selena Gomez to being an actor herself, she handles a load of endeavors, training clients while also pursuing her own creative endeavors. Somehow, even with an exploding calendar, her energy pops with humor and intention at every turn.

    Perhaps that endless vim was stoked by her connection to a diversity right from the start: Growing up in Ithaca, NY, she loved to dance, hike and water ski—a movement bonanza! Nurtured by her intellectual, liberal parents, she visited farmers markets on weekends instead of stewing in front of the tube. She always knew she wanted to be an entertainer, but her other talent—manifesting—was equally noticeable from early on. So after school in New York City, Davis traversed the country and found her spot in LA, where she pursued her acting career with the same tenacity and confidence she showcased as a kid. Successful in nabbing parts, Davis also found time to create a theater company, and finally, become a personal trainer. Dizzying? You bet. Exhilarating? Absolutely. Davis tells all, below.

    SBS: How did you add becoming a celebrity trainer to your long list of endeavors? And how do you handle it all?

    ARD: While I was working at a restaurant, I was constantly hiking, taking sculpt classes, dancing and practicing yoga. A friend noticed and said, ‘You’re so fired up about fitness, and you’re good at it. You should become a personal trainer!’ So I started training her, and she told her friend Rachel Pally. Soon enough, it snowballed and I had a couple of celebrity clients. It grew quickly from there.

    SBS: Eventually, this led you to training Selena Gomez on the road. What do you think differentiates you from other trainers that attract celebrities and other selective clients?

    ARD: I don’t believe training is just about numbers. It’s about being a life coach, a therapist and a confidant, knowing when to push them, knowing how to handle the industry and to be a friend they trust. It’s not my job to just show up and make money.

    SBS: What tools help you handle your many spinning plates?

    ARD: I need a physical calendar. I lose my mind with an iPhone! I also use this amazing app called Trello. It has a few boards, including to-do lists. I could have a meeting with Adidas, a phone call with a producing job and a voice over, so I use this to set up a daily and weekly to-do list, as well as a manifestation board. It organizes everything when your brain can’t hold it all!

    SBS: Manifesting dreams and ideas are a big part of your overall approach. How do you put this into practice?

    ARD: As children, we have this ability to dream big. Your imagination is so powerful. You assume things will go your way because you don’t have responsibilities. I always believed I could make things happen, not from hoping and wanting but from intention. My mom even found letters I wrote to myself about living in LA! Some people hold on to that as they grow up, but others need tools.

    So, writing it down is a big first step. I also love everything from acceptance groups, positive affirmations and charts to meetings with shamans, but some people aren’t into those things, and I respect that. But in whatever way you see fit, I’m a big believer in putting out what you want back, and I have proof of that in my life, especially concerning finding my husband. I spent a long period alone becoming my best self, working with a feng shui expert and writing a ton. I wrote a short book of a girl finding love and dreamt of this exact guy—which was my husband. I asked the universe for it. I said I want a guy that surfs and plays guitar and has tattoos, and that’s him!

    Also, remember it’s more about generals like success and abundance versus specifics. It’s not black or white. It’s gray.

    SBS: What’s your favorite workout to give to a client who is feeling depressed? What about a day that client wants a challenge?

    ARD: If you’re having a down day, I find fun dance cardio with awesome music pumps me up. Or get outside and hike to connect your mind and body. Go with a friend to talk or go alone to reflect. Or, try a super challenging workout like a hard hike with a toning segment to pop yourself out of feeling sad.

    When you want to amp it up, mix a workout on a rebounder with weights and kicks with time on the Pilates reformer. Or, if you’re sore, do some yoga and stretching with light cardio.

    SBS: What are some fitness trends you love and some you wish would go away?

    ARD: I dislike regimented routines that claim to have the answer for everyone, when really, each person responds differently. If you do the same thing every day, your body knows what’s coming and doesn’t make the changes it needs to make.

    On the flipside, I love Classpass because the idea of doing a different class every day opens your mind to fresh workouts. You find results from that. Try different studios! If you find you love Beyoncé yoga, you’ll actually do that. Working out shouldn’t be a horrible experience.

    SBS: What are the biggest nutrition misconceptions you encounter?

    ARD: I don’t like juice cleanses. They set you up unrealistically. If you have an event, I understand detoxing. But I believe you can eat clean, and then maybe you can have juice or a smoothie for one meal. Don’t get obsessive.

    SBS: What are the biggest obstacles clients face when starting a workout routine? What about when they’ve been in it for a month or so?

    ARD: Consistency and motivation: It’s easy to come up with excuses and reasons to skip workouts. It’s also easy to stick to the same thing because humans like routine. That makes it hard to constantly challenge yourself and keep going, but that’s the recipe for a fit and healthy body. Exercise should be a part of your life, not a chore. I think keeping it fresh and having fun is key.

    SBS: How do you respond to these common excuses: I don't have enough time! I'll go to the gym once I lose some weight! I hate working out!

    ARD: Make time. Go to the gym to start losing that weight. Find some kind of workout you love. There are so many options out there, so there has to be something that resonates with you. Do that! And maybe do it with a friend.

    SBS: How would you describe your wellness philosophy in one sentence?

    ARD: Don't obsess, love yourself and do your best.

    Do-Anywhere Exercises From Amy:

    1. Standing second position plies: Do any variation of this move in high reps. Your butt will burn!

    2. Planks: They’re the best bang for your buck and can be done anywhere.

    Amy’s LA Favorites:

    Healthy Restaurant: Cafe Gratitude

    Splurge Meal Restaurant: Jon & Vinny’s, Osteria Mozza or République

    Nightlife Spot: Chateau Marmont/Bar Marmont

    Calming Activities: Meditation and hiking

    Fitness Apparel: Adidas

    Fitness Studios: The Sweat Spot. Go dance your heart out!

    Amy’s SBS Mantras: Be Grateful will always serve you and make you a good person, Be Amazing reminds you to do your best, be your best and love your best. You will be amazing, and why wouldn't you want to be? And finally, Be Bold because life is so short. Why not leap and put it all out there. What do you have to lose? 

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