"Socks That Not Only Inspire, But Make Your Workout Easier"

StickyBe Socks are great fitting, high quality, comfortable grip socks. Each sock has an inspiring word or phrase to help keep you motivated. I love how cozy they felt on my feet, yet they are very durable. You can tell these are not the type of socks to fall apart with the secure stitching around the toes and ankles.

StickyBe Socks came in handy while doing yoga. I was able to keep a strong grip on my mat without slipping like my normal clutsy self. I even wore my StickyBe Socks  while using the miniTread. Not only was I working from home and working out at the same time, I was comfortable while doing it!

My daughter has been wearing hers non-stop. She uses them daily as a slipper to walk and lounge around the house. StickyBe Socks keep your feet nice and warm, and you can even wear them to bed.

StickyBe Socks would make a great stocking stuffer. They come in all sizes from adult to infants with a style to suit anyone.

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