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  • July 26, 2017 5 min read

    Amanda Lippman’s Bitsy Bottoms Blooms With Fun

    Amanda Lippman has been a vegetarian since age six. She wondered: If she really wanted to hold every animal she met, how could she eat any of them? So she made a commitment and kept to it…

    Though having struggled with image and body issues, she decided to make healthier choices and decisions, and the Hollywood, FL, native still stuck to it. The result? A rich life filled with an awesome sales job, a steady and glowing yoga practice, and healthy and strong relationships.

    Eventually her wellness-filled path encouraged her to add another branch to her blooming tree in the form of the colorful and fun athleisure wear brand called Bitsy Bottoms. She chats with SBS to share how she formed her company and all of her favorite aspects of yoga.


    SBS: How did your yoga journey begin and lead to Bitsy Bottoms?

    AL:  After college and some rough times, I fell in love with yoga. It was my safe haven. I started understanding what life was about in that yoga room. It was something magical. I found something I was good at, and something I belonged to. I am close to my family, but the people in that yoga room understood me in a different way. I also finally started to understand my body. I advanced to taking three hours every Sunday eventually, and my practice grew there.

    The next step on my yoga journey was when I started hot vinyasa flow at Yoga Joint.

    When I was there, I was spending an insane amount of money on yoga clothes, and they only covered half of my butt cheek! I couldn’t understand how I was paying 65 dollars for that. So, in 2014, I created Bitsy Bottoms out of the trunk of my car and a guest room in my Ft. Lauderdale apartment. I had no idea what I was doing! I found fabric from a fabric store in Miami; I had to learn the definitions of inseams.


    SBS: Why did you decide to bring other partners into Bitsy Bottoms?

    AL: In 2015, I was spreading myself too thin. If I wanted to maintain my career, which was paying my bills, and still grow the company, I had to bring people in. And, the universe works in divine ways: I was doing a lot of Instagram stuff in 2014, and I had somebody involved at the time that was a social media influencer. She handled my social media, and I was selling off of that mostly.

    Through that, I met a customer named Jaime Hidalgo, who lived in Delray, and simply… she didn’t want to pay for shipping, which was a $10 flat fee at the time. She asked me to come to her storefront in Delray. I met her, she told me how great the brand was and how her daughter loved it. After chatting, I knew she’d be able to help with money and connections.

     Additionally, I had used all my savings and couldn’t handle the fact that all my money was tied up. But, my sister went on a cruise, and when she came back, she told me a friend’s husband offered help! Everything I needed came when I needed it.


    SBS: What were the challenges and great aspects of creating a team for Bitsy Bottoms?

    AL: It was challenging giving up any part of my baby and bringing in other people to something I created. There were times in the beginning where I just felt it was my company, and I got so defensive. But I knew they were the right teammates when they knew how to handle me. I can be oversensitive and overdramatic, but they put me in my place. And, I know I am the majority owner. At the same time, my relationships with these people are the most rewarding part of the process because they’ve become my family.  


    SBS: How has yoga affected your business?

    AL: Yoga is literally a life-changing experience- once you are ready to understand and accept the practice. That happens when you’re not there to compete with anyone, but you’re there to change your mindset. Focus on you, disconnect from technology for a minute. And in that way, in my business, I’ve seen my patience improve, and now my approach is slow and steady. I repeat mantras every day, especially a prayer knowing I’m exactly where I need to be. I trust the process in everything now.


    SBS: How would you describe Bitsy Bottoms?

    AL: We’re an athleisure active wear company. I wear my clothes to yoga and then out at night. We have shorts that can be worn as bathing suits, too! The material is soft and buttery, and the bottoms are ruched in the seaming to help accentuate your booty. They’re not see-through, but they feel like you’re naked. They’re easy to wash, they dry quickly, and they’re priced thoughtfully. 

    As for the loud colors and patterns, I’m not matchy-matchy. I’m a character: alive, loud, and happy. That’s who I am. There has to be some type of pop. I want people to smile and know they’re alive, too. That’s also being the light, and that’s something I’m proud of, so we include that in our line.


    SBS: How did the name Bitsy Bottoms come about?

    AL: My niece, who is now 11, started calling me Bitsy when she was three or four, and I don’t know why. I knew that name rang so true, but I didn’t k now what I was going to do with it. Eventually when my creative genes came out, I was focused on the bottoms. And so there it was!


    SBS: What makes a great yoga class and teacher in your mind?

    AL: Some heat, some awesome music, and awesome people around you. You need to feel comfortable where you are, and so much depends on the energy of your surroundings. Find what you like best. And, if you have a love-hate relationship with yoga, go back! As for teachers, I think you can always figure out a way to find beauty in a person’s teaching.


    SBS: What’s your wellness routine?

    AL: I work for an incredible company that gives me freedom to make class at 4:30 every day. And there’s a health and wellness group at my company. I brought yoga to my company! And, I love my pretzels and sweets, but I do eat a lot of greens. I like paying it forward in that respect: I enjoy helping other people to get healthy. Via my social media life I’ve introduced 150 others to yoga.


    SBS: How do you use social media in a healthy way?

    AL: I have a comfortable preset goal of posting twice a day. Whether or not it’s too much or not enough, that’s what’s good for me. I can only juggle so much. Trust what you’re doing and what you have to give. Set your goals from there.


    Amanda’s South Florida Faves:

    Healthy restaurant: Fourth Generation Market
    Splurge Restaurant: Louie Bossi
    Yoga Studio: Yoga Joint
    Online Yoga Resource: Instagram
    Athleticwear: Lululemon
    Athletic Shoes: Fitflop
    Nightlife Spot: My couch!
    Calming Activity: Beach


    Amanda’s SBS Mantra: Be Brave. At work they call me Brave, like the redhead in the Disney movie. You have to take stances.


    The Zaniest Part of Being Amanda: What you see is what you get!

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