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  • August 10, 2017 6 min read

    Miracles, Magic and Transformation With Sydney Campos

    The words magic and transformation might sound scary or odd when that nasty inner cynic has the floor. But when our awesomely loving cheerleader (or higher self, maybe?) grabs the mind mic, they sound like, well, exactly what we all hope we find. For Sydney Campos, the two are at the crux of her personal journey and work, and she’s not hiding it anymore. In fact, she’s sharing it with the world—finally—through her work and website,

    Chatting with SBS from Mexico City after time in Tulum, Bali and New York, the San Francisco native remembers smashing down her natural gifts of insight and intuition in order to fit in. Repressing her truest self led to a double life, one part corporate success and another addiction and hiding.

    Eventually, she knew she couldn’t continue that way, and found the path to a sober life, coaching and, finally, magic. Now, she helps other visionaries unlock their own potential as she did for herself. Read on to learn more.


    SBS: When did you know you had intuitive insight?

    SC: As a child, I could feel what everyone else was doing. I’ve always been a psychic, sensitive, intuitive person. Early on I learned that was not acceptable to be expressing myself in the way that I felt was true. I learned I needed to fit in. I muted my gifts. I grew up and that transpired into internal turmoil and pain. It manifested in many ways, including addiction. I learned to take care of everyone else before myself at a very young age. I was terrified whenever I would have intuitions. Drinking and doing drugs was a way I could turn off my feelings.


    SBS: What was your ‘aha’ moment where you decided to change your life?

    SC: I was in some of the darkest days of my addiction, leading a double life, working in finance during the day and working at a strip club at night. It was really scary stuff. I was seeing a therapist, and I thought if I could just figure out my purpose, I could be happy. In one therapy session, I told the whole truth about what I was doing. I finally had the clarity of ‘holy shit, I’m going to die if I don’t change this.’ I got into AA, got sober and that catalyzed my whole life changing.


    SBS: How did your business manifest?

    SC: It was gradual. I had been working at companies, I was a fast learner, but I got bored easily. I had a stint at entrepreneurship as an independent consultant. My last full time job was at a great agency called Praytell. We started with nine people, and when I left we had 60. I realized I wanted to work for myself, working with clients on strategy.

    Within the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with life coaches and on personal development, going to retreats, studying Reiki and Akashic records. And over that time I was getting uncomfortable staying in my corporate job. I realized, I’m here to be of service in the world. Even though it was an amazing job, I was feeling suffocated. So I hired a new mentor in January after a huge promotion at the agency, set intention to leave and finally got the courage to do so.


    SBS: How has your life changed since you started?

    SC: The universe sent me amazing start-up clients. It’s been an incredible transition, and I’ve seen epic growth—lifetimes of growth—this past year. I spent eight months in Bali doing spiritual work. It’s become super clear that my purpose and gift is how I activate people. My vision is expansive, and people I support have expansive vision, as well. I’m not hosting retreats, speaking, working with clients and writing a book.


    SBS: What are the most common problems people have with money?

    SC: The biggest issue with money is people don’t trust themselves. We have self-worth issues. We are taught we don’t have the right to live doing what we love. We are conditioned with disempowering beliefs such as ‘I don’t deserve to do what I love. Life can’t be easy. I have to work hard for money and/or love. I don’t trust money or love. I don’t believe god loves me. I’m all alone. When I’m successful, people won’t understand me, or I’ll leave people behind. I don’t know what my gifts are.’ We’re inundated by everything. And, if you think about it, if we were to be empowered, the system of capitalism would fall apart.

    So, we have to start with self-worth and trust. A lot of times in coaching, I’m helping people to connect with intuition. Money is just another energy. Trust in the universe, have love for yourself and trust that you will taken be care of.


    SBS: What are some practical steps to take to start a transformation?

    SC: Start taking care of yourself like you’re the most important person in your life, even if you don’t believe it. Most people are not working out, eating healthy or doing the shit they want to do. So start doing what you want to do. The most simple thing I do is help clients clear out all the energy drains in life…the things you don’t want to do. Think about those people you don’t like, anything you feel obligated to do that sucks…relieve it. Start putting yourself first. Start tuning in to ‘what do I want right now?’ Then figure out how to give that to yourself. Couple intuition with self-care. Get clear and moving. You’d be surprised a lot of people don’t do it.


    SBS: What are some questions you ask your clients?

    SC: I often ask people to consider: How long have you been putting everybody else before what you’ve wanted? Has it been your whole life? How long have you been choosing what other people want? How long have you been allowing yourself to be disempowered? How long have you believed a story that you were conditioned to believe that oppresses you? When you put yourself first and are happy in your life, you end up showing up fully in relationships. We are trained in poverty consciousness and disempowering beliefs like ‘I don’t deserve to make money doing what I love.’ That story makes people follow rules. Abundance consciousness is the contrast. Diving into divinity consciousness with my mentor is exploring that. We play in an infinite realm, because I’m a spiritual being having a human experience, and the universe is operating through me. When you’re in truth there is no fear or separation, and that’s the space I’m talking about.


    SBS: How has your work evolved?

    SC: I started out slowly coaching, figuring out what I was doing. But it’s now super clear: I work with visionaries and game changers, in economy, health and wellness and beyond, all who are affecting change on a global scale. I work with conscious leaders who are empowering more leaders. I’m not a coach for those who want to start eating healthy, for example. I’m a coach for activating visionaries to divinity consciousness. It’s all on the soul level, and it’s a soul gift through company and vision. All of my sessions are intuitively guided, and I’m clear on every single session.  


    SBS: What’s the feedback you’ve received from your clients?

    SC: I’ve had clients launch businesses, rebrand businesses, make quantum leaps in income and start living their vision. A recent client was making 30 grand a year and is now booking close to that for monthly revenue.


    SBS: What are some things seekers can do now?

    SC: I have free resources on my site including guided meditations and worksheets. There’s also the 21-day meditation challenge. Then, at a base level, I’d encourage focus on self-care as the number one priority. Commit to daily meditation, and your life will change. Detox and cleanse your life of things that don’t work for you and that you don’t truly want to do. If you want to make quantum leaps, my number one suggestion when investing in yourself is: Be accountable!


    Sydney’s NYC Healer Recos:

    -Healers: Rebecca Conran/Reiki and Intuitive Coaching; Geordie Numata/Reiki, Energy Healing and Acupuncture; Erica Joy Dunn/Reiki Master and Holistic Coach

    -Acupuncture: Brooklyn Open Acupuncture for donation-based work

    -Holistic Chiropractor: Dr. Louis Granirer

    -Sound Healing, Breathwork and Yoga: Maha Rose; Golden Bridge Yoga; WOOM Center, Shaktibarre and Ishta Yoga; Jarrod Byrne Mayer and Melody Balczon at Brooklyn Healing Arts; Erin Telford/Reiki, Breathwork and Acupuncture

    -Meditation: Dharma Punx; MNDFL; Mediclub; Amy Jindra

    -Online Resources




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