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  • December 06, 2017 8 min read 1 Comment

    Connecting to Your Soul Call With Alessandro Giannetti

    In a sea of imposters, energetic healer Alessandro Giannetti is the real thing. When he speaks about intuition, instinct, and your path (interjecting jokes and asides in that super chill Cali way) it’s clear: He says what he means, and he knows what he’s saying.

    It’s been a lifetime coming for the Valley Village resident, and now he’s sharing his findings with clients in LA and beyond. Through a range of modalities, he helps seekers connect with their soul pull. Read on to learn more about this connected healer.


    SBS: How did your life lead you to this work?

    Alessandro Giannetti: Growing up, I had a fascination with martial arts, and then I started to learn about meditation at five. As I studied, I started to learn more about energy and channeling: At 14, when I was in class, they had placed a stack bricks in front of me. Instead of using technique, I held my hand an inch above the bricks, felt energy through my hand, tapped the bricks…and they crumbled!

    I was also starting to learn that when you have an injury, the light and the energy in it (as verified by an MRI) is much slower moving. It will be dark on the MRI. If you can send light and speed up the energy in the molecules, the area is no longer considered diseased and sick. So, at 15 or 16, not knowing anything was special (or having this scientific knowledge yet), I started putting my hands on injuries. A doctor would tell someone an injury would take two months, I’d help them, and then they’d call me astounded they were better. I thought it was just martial arts.  

    Then around 16, this woman in my town had a reputation for talking to guides and guardian angels. I went to see her, expecting to see an old fortune-teller. Instead, she was a beautiful Italian woman, and she told me she wasn’t a psychic. She could simply talk to guardian angels. She told me I was a healer. By the end of the appointment, she had basically planned out most of my life. I got so many gifts from hearing from my guides.


    SBS: When did you feel you really started doing this work for others?

    AG: I started finding myself in private sessions, at age 17, advising people on their life. Then, I moved away from NYC to Miami when I was 18. I came in contact with more people who told me I was gifted. I developed an intuition and saw how accurate I was with my life and others’ lives too. I developed an intuition to speak with guides, those who are just now energy. I developed an open communication with source. I learned to interpret the body, too. Eventually it evolved, and now I get called in to businesses to consult on deals.


    SBS: How has your work evolved further?

    AG: Over the years I had jumped into so many courses of study, which became the keys to what I was doing: energy work, distance healing, and so on. Ten or eleven years ago, with regards to my private clientele business, I asked source about working with people who are going to do big things in the world. They delivered on that! Everyone I work with is some form of a teacher. Had I not had this background in all these different dynamics, I wouldn't be able to teach some of these teachers. 


    SBS: What is your current approach and role?

    AG: Today where I've ended up, first and foremost, is serving as the teacher's teacher. No matter what level you're at, even if I haven’t directly done what you do, I can teach to the highest skill set, helping people connect to their soul pull. Each of us has a very unique thing their soul is signed up to do. Nobody is here to follow others’ pull.

    So, I help people figure out how to follow the voice, their center, break their dependencies, and become their own person. I have a book coming out on relationships, building businesses, and I’m in the process of building the first of three brick and mortar schools. I’m also working on programs for kids.


    SBS: What is your goal?

    AG: I’ve set a high goal, and largely because of the laws of this universe. My goal is to reach over three and a half billion people. I say that amount specifically because everything exists on balance. While one person might love you, another will show the exact opposite. You can only reach half the world. Hopefully the people I work with will help too.


    SBS: What are some tools to sharpen intuition?

    AG: First get very, very still, and slow your breath. There are a lot of biological things that happen. The body can't tell the difference between running from a lion and running late to an appointment. But if you start to slow your breath, like a four-second inhale and exhale, you’re sending a message to your body. There’s no way we would be doing this under threat. It gets the cells to open up and go into healing mode, receiving light. Information is carried in light. The more we can open ourselves up to that, the more we will get answers.

    Then, make a statement. I use the word ‘source’: ‘Please source, give me a clear definite lead on this," whether you are asking to stay in this job or relationship. Really emotionally connect to it. Sometimes it takes a memory to make your heart smile. Use that.

    Then follow an impulse: Where do your eyes go, thoughts go? Is it to the radio? Or is it pulled to a magazine? Flip to a page, open it up. Source is really good at communicating to us. If you open up to the idea, the answers are all around. We all have perfect intuition. We just screw it up with emotions and thoughts that get in the way sometimes.


    SBS: How can someone do this work for themselves?

    AG: For every single person, I teach about 15 types of intuition. Some people resonate with different tools. Regardless, start by aiming to get to that place of stillness. If you think of a statement in your head like ‘I should quit my job,’ you’ll feel something. It will either expand and grow or contract and feel heavy. That's where the saying ‘in my gut’ comes from. We all have that. The most successful people have the best intuition. They are so tuned in. They don’t have more or less intuition than someone else. They just listen to it more. A belief is nothing more than something done through repetition. If you say over and over all throughout the day, ‘I have the most incredible intuition, and it is accurate and leads me in the perfect direction,’ 20 times for the next month, you are connected to it.


    SBS: How would you help a person in a relationship whose partner does not believe in this type of work?

    AG: Each person has his or her own language. It's either going to fall on the spiritual side or the human side. I would say more than 90 percent of my stuff is supported by science. If I were in a room with zero belief in it, I would hit them with the science. Or, if I had someone with super religious beliefs who felt conflicted doing this type of work, I would remind them, ‘This isn't going to tell you what you're believing in. This is the skeleton that supports your beliefs.’ 

    The key is, if you're not 100 percent rooted in the knowing, they will put holes in it. You can pick any person in a crowd of people and connect. I know how true it is, and there's no questioning, because within myself it's true.


    SBS: How can we understand the hard things in our lives from this perspective?

    AG: We only grow when we're challenged and when obstacles pop up, which is sad. Otherwise we become complacent and focus on bad things. There is a perception that when something bad happens, it is the only thing happening. Every event in our world and our lives has an equal balance of positive and negative. How we were raised is often what puts a positive or negative impression in things.

    But use, for example, a flooding or tsunami or hurricane: Energetically people are often stuck and not connected to their soul pulls. They aren’t leading lives with that as their focus. So the universe is teaching people you need to be very present and aligned with your soul pull. Unfortunately, when you're holding on to a job and a lifestyle, but maybe you’re miserable and depressed, it takes something big to make a change. People are losing homes and jobs, which is horrible. But on the positive side, when we're in a state of emergency, we connect. Beautiful things happen, we unite and build things from a positive perspective. We start to value our short life, and become aware of the things we are attached to and connected to.


    SBS: How can this work help in this crazy world of ours with so many current issues?

    AG: In all the chaos, you're either going to be awake, of a higher vibration and ahead of the adjustment period. Or you might refuse to wake up and see where the world is moving. I think we have an ability to create a bubble. If you're conscious of thoughts and negative thoughts, you can create your own ecosystem. If you have a belief that the president can affect your life, you will manifest that effect on your life. That fear-based place puts us in a spot of manifesting. Our lives are like slide projectors. A thought is like putting a slide in our bodies, and then that shines out through our eyes.

    If you can manage to think, ‘I am safe and protected’ and project that, you stay safe. Create your own bubble. Focus your thoughts on what you want and what you choose to create instead of what the fears are. Anytime you have negative thoughts, reset your programming to create what you want. You’re responsible 100 percent for the things in your life. The second you take responsibility for every single thing, you have the power. When you have the power, you can change your world. 


    SBS: What are some red flags to look out for when finding an energy healer to work with?

     AG: If anyone is putting himself or herself on a pedestal, calling themselves a guru or master, run. If they’re saying they’re better than you, that couldn't be more opposite. I tell people: I'm just an awake version of you. Soon, if we work together in the right way, you’ll be able to do things at my level…or better.

    Also, let it all sit in your center, and connect with your heart. The work should take away limits and open up your life. The second they say you can't have ‘this,’ or start putting limiting thoughts on you, run. The limiting thoughts create dependency.

    I teach that there is no limit to what we can do. If you ever hear me start to speak with limiting thoughts, run! That means my signal has been hijacked!


    Alessandro’s Cali Favorites:
    Healthy Restaurant: Plant Food and Wine
    Splurge Restaurant: Providence
    Fitness Studio: Equinox 
    Yoga Studio: Bryan Kest Power Yoga
    Nightlife Activity: Concerts
    Calming Activity: Camping
    Fun Activity: Snowboarding 
    Online Resource: Gaia
    Book: Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
    Athleticwear: James Perse
    Athletic Shoes: Nike


    We are so excited that we will be collaborating with Alessandro at an event at Soul Hum Meditation Studio in Sherman Oaks on Sunday, December 17th! Join us for his 10:30am class, get an amazing energetic healing and learn more about your Soul Pull and get some exclusive offers for holiday gifting!

    1 Response

    Nita Cavelli
    Nita Cavelli

    December 13, 2017

    What an amazing person. Enjoyed reading about Alessandro.

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