Mary Beth LaRue Makes Shift Happen

Rock Your Bliss co-founder Mary Beth LaRue teaches to filled rooms at the Wanderlust Festival, has created yoga programs for the Down Syndrome Association of LA, and is a certified life coach through Dr. Martha Beck (helllloooo, Oprah colleague!). Check out her Instagram and you’ll find a joyful and welcoming friend hoping to help you power up your potential.

            Sound so awesome it’s intimidating? Don’t worry. Mary Beth proves funny, approachable, and constantly working to ensure clients make shift happen. Yes: Make SHIFT happen.

She has walked her own winding path to find her way to her current success, so she truly understands the twists and turns we all encounter. Case in point: The southwest Iowa native remembers her family’s healthiest phase simply as a small period of time when her mother ordered food from a co-op and vetoed anything with dye (bye Skittles!). Not to mention, until she found yoga, she only participated in sports when it was required.

            So how did she get from there to blissful here? Read on!


SBS: How did your path lead you to becoming a yoga teacher and create Rock Your Bliss with co-founder Jacki Carr?

Mary Beth LaRue: I was working as an assistant online editor at a magazine straight out of college and living the total 9-to-5 life in Washington, DC. I was pretty miserable. I started going to yoga as often as I could as a way to cope, and it soon became a way for me to thrive instead.

Rock Your Bliss was created years later with my best friend Jacki Carr as a way to help women live their best lives. We offer online programs, retreats, and workshops. []


SBS: In your own experience, as well as based on your clients, what are the main obstacles in the way to personal bliss? What are the tools/practices you suggest to address each?

MBLRL: The biggest theme I see with clients is comparison: comparing their lives to someone's shiny Instagram-worthy moment or perceived success. I encourage them to pause, notice where this feeling is coming from and get crystal clear on where they are headed and what they’re creating for themselves.


SBS: What are a few tools someone can use to start uncovering what their bliss is?

MBLR: Spend time being quiet. Spend time in your practice, whether that is hiking or running or being on your yoga mat. And get clear on what is most important to you. This is the base work we use to dig into our Rock Your Bliss online program 7 Weeks to Bliss. 


SBS: What are the different programs of Rock Your Bliss?

MBLR: We currently have two online programs. The first is 7 Weeks to Bliss. We created this offering so you can experience our favorite tools, insights, and inspiration from our own life practices and learnings. During these seven weeks you have a great community, weekly videos and calls, a workbook, yoga practices, readings and playlists. Then, you can only participate in Level 2 once you've completed the 7 Weeks program.


SBS: What is a precious nugget of wisdom you find yourself referencing often? 

MBLR: My favorite mantra I come back to over and over again is this:

Happiness equals reality minus expectations. It's so helpful in all areas of my life.


SBS: What inspired your mentorship program? Why is it so important to find a mentor?

MBLR: After I completed my first yoga teacher training years ago I felt lost. I was still unsure of how to truly put together a class. I was scared of public speaking. And I had no idea how to get started building a brand and finding classes. I designed my mentorship program as a way to connect with teachers on what's most important to them with their yoga teaching and how to design a career that really supports them on all levels. It's been an amazing experience.


Mary Beth’s LA Faves:

Healthy Restaurant: Greens Up
Splurge Restaurant: SugarFish
Fun Activity: Road-tripping
Fitness Studio: I prefer being outside, so walking around Echo Park Lake
Yoga Studio: Wanderlust Hollywood
Athleticwear: Lululemon
Athletic Shoes: Converse
Calming Activity: Meditation and Yin
Book: "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie

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  • Betty Stanley

    I am so happy for you,Wow what a wonderful life you have created for yourself! Much success!! I know a mom and dad in Glenwood who are so proud of who you have become!! Love Life!!

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