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From the Paseo Miramar trail, the view of Los Angeles is dazzling. The perch is Nancy Giftos’ favorite spot outside of the city, and on weekends she likes to grab her mini Australian Shepard, Winston, for a calm trek amidst her happily hectic life. It’s also the perfect place, the Sticky Be leader says, to take note of how far she’s come—literally and figuratively.

Originally from Michigan, Nancy has guided Sticky Be toward helping more and more customers live active, fun days filled with health, inspiration and wellness. It’s no surprise, then, that fitness has always been part of her world. From a young age, Nancy craved the outlet physical activity provided, and she loved gymnastics, ice-skating and competitive tennis. While at college in Colorado, she added hiking, kayaking and mountain sports to her roster.

A move to San Francisco propelled her into yoga and Pilates. “That was right when yoga and Pilates were exploding,” remembers Nancy. “Everything was so new, and after an injury, Pilates helped me heal. It changed my life.” Nancy felt so passionate about the two approaches she became an instructor in both. After enjoying her own Pilates business in San Francisco, a move to LA landed Nancy a spot teaching at the Tracy Anderson Method in Studio City.

“The beauty of being a multifaceted instructor, is you can give someone an extremely challenging workout, or on the flip side, you can help someone with an injury find a way to decrease their pain,” says Nancy. “There’s always a method that can work for you.”

With an almost gravitational pull toward fitness, as well as the in-depth knowledge of the field from an instructor’s vantage point, Nancy seamlessly transitioned into sales, marketing and consulting positions at a slew of active wear brands, including Chill By Will, Out Incorporated, Splits59, Cory Vines and Lolë.

The skills and resources she gained during her time as a sales and marketing expert positioned Nancy in a synergistic spot to grab the reigns of Sticky Be in 2015. “It was a no-brainer,” says Nancy, with a laugh. “Not only is the product something that gives people support and comfort during their workouts, but it also helps people stay safe. If you look down while taking yoga, seeing ‘Be Calm’ helps you breathe and stay focused. And, for little ones crawling or learning how to walk, the grips on the bottom of the baby socks offer extra support. Or, if someone is unfortunately dealing with an illness, the grip of the socks can help them feel safe while walking around. At the same time, they see ‘Be Brave’ down below on the socks, and hopefully it inspires them. The mind and body are so connected, and the socks remind us of that. You can be doing the most challenging class and want to quit, but then you look down to your message and you’re reinvigorated!”

Now set on expanding Sticky Be to inspire loads of clients in their fitness and overall daily life, Nancy is also growing herself. Pregnant with her first child, the self-starter is following her own special path, just like her beloved trail overlooking the City of Angels.


To keep her life balanced and fun, Nancy likes to treat herself to indulgences for mind and body. At the top of her list are:

  • Favorite workouts: Hiking, Barre, Yoga, Megaformer, Pilates
  • New Hot and Healthy Lunch Spot: The Butcher’s Daughter
  • Favorite Juice Bar: Moon Juice
  • Favorite Vacation Destinations: Napa Valley, Tulum, Big Sur, St. Barths and the Greek Isles
  • Currently Listening to: Ryan Bingham, The Horrible Crowes, The War on Drugs, Trevor Hall and the Zac Brown Band
  • A perfect day: Meditate, morning hike, brunch at Malibu Farms and a facial at The Peninsula
  • My Happy Place: Aspen, Colorado

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